IPL Conferences

2012 Conference site:

Kellogg Conference Hotel, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.


IPL President and Founder, The Reverend Canon Sally Bingham, opened each conference; she’s shown here at her Grace Cathedral, in San Francisco, where she worked to get solar panels installed.



Eric Pooley, author of The Climtate War


IPL “Lobby Day” participants assembled, last morning of the conference:




2013 conf



Senator Sheldon Whitehouse


2015 September 21, Terry Weygandt and Jalisa Ross carry OK-IPL banner in People’s Climate March of Oklahoma City.

Fostering Wind Energy Development

OK-IPL’s mission includes supporting renewable energy, wind energy falls squarely in that category, and Oklahoma (according to Rodgers and Hammerstein) is “where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain.” Accordingly, OK-IPL has begun to learn about and support development of wind energy in our state.

Our Executive Director has visited the Washington, DC, offices of Congressman James Lankford in 2012-2015 to encourage his support of production tax credits for wind energy development. (Waiting in the security-check line outside the Cannon House Office Building can be an unwelcome aspect of the experience.)


Some members of our Advisory Board learned a lot about wind energy technology last September during a guided tour of ongoing construction at a large Oklahoma wind farm. The following pages contain a lightly-edited version of a report on that visit that was given later at one of our Advisory Board meetings.


Regarding wind energy in Oklahoma,with help from the Rev. Linda Pope , who happens to live in the center of the CHISHOLM VIEW WIND FARM in HUNTER , OKLAHOMA , some members of OK-IPL were able to enjoy a guided tour of that project, involving 140 1.6 MW GE Turbines, spread over 45,000 acres, owned by 150 landowners. We were hosted on September 4 , 2012, by the project manager, Steve Williams:

wf2 wf3 t2 wf4 wf6 wf8 wf9 Artwork by the Rev. Linda Pope, using her photo of one of the huge blades resting on the ground. pinwheel